Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Connector Craft Shop....Closing down!!!

As known to many craft enthusiasts here in Dubai, the good old Connector Craft Shop very often addressed as 'Elves & Fairies' is closing down. After their 17 years in the business they have finally decided to call it a day!
I was having a chat with the owner, who now lives in Australia and found out that the shop was never named Elves & Fairies at all! It was the name of the previous owner's shop which retailed kid's apparel! When the craft shop took over they let the sticker of ' Elves & Fairies' be on the glass and so the name stayed on that even the craft shop's brown paper packets carry the name!
Anyways the important information is that they are closing by 26th of March and have 50 to 70% off on all their products!!! So all you craft people rush as the stocks are already getting over! 
Sad that they have to close down. :-(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shell Craft

I am inspired by the shell crafts by Martha..... Having a lot of shells which I have being collecting since long, I would like to try out some soon!!!
Check out for DIY instructions at Martha's website here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Potli' ...Educational Art & Craft Kits

The 'Potli' activity kits by Kadam are awesome DIYs for the younger crafters. They have a range of traditional Indian tribal craft and art to choose from. It gives the children a good knowledge about the arts & crafts and they really enjoy doing it. A part of the earnings from the kits goes to benefit the village artists. Wish they had kits like these for us as well. Find more about them here.

Comes with instructions and a brief history about the art/craft.

My it. Not perfect but its ok as she enjoyed it and wants to do more. She is eager to try the others. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Drag Art

An exaggerated style of art.....a form of humorous Caricature created  in 3D forms by Thomas Hoffmann. His company well known as Tom's Company is based in Germany.
In their website they mention that they have branches all over the world. Could ' Rural Crafts' of India be one of them?
The works seem to be similar....What complications..only to bring a smile on anyone's face whether you like them or not! 

 The above are from Tom's Company

These ones are by Rural Craft.

These ones below Rural Craft are available in Bayti....